I believe your children can be your greatest source of achievement and greatest source of stress, all rolled into one.  As a mum to two gorgeous and creatively mischievous children, it’s amazing how rapidly they grow and change.

Most importantly, when the memories fade, it’s always the photographs that help us remember the ones we’ve loved and lost.

Exist in photographs now, just as you are, for who you are and for your family.

your Children’s



Faithful photography of your family life.

From the moment our son Harry arrived, I’ve felt a burning desire to record his precious life, whilst it lasts.  It has to be through trust and connection that I capture the faithful photography of your life.

Children look great whether they are sparkling clean or have cake smeared on their faces. The best advice that can be given is to let children be themselves. I always try to photograph children laughing and making silly faces, as well as with more serious expressions. That not only ensures getting some dramatic and often humorous photos, but it is often the way to get those angelic photos that capture the moment to adorn your walls.

how to make it

     work for your family

I am Fiona, the photographer behind the lens capturing your family moments that matter.  With natural simplicity and a fine art finish.

Each snap of the shutter captures your life moments for your walls and albums to be treasured and enjoyed.

pride myself on connecting with people. The relationships I form with my families are the most important part of my business. It creates an intimacy in my photography & makes for a fun time together, where everyone can just be themselves!

There are no hard and fast rules, but colour coordinating your family with complimentary colours looks good in photographs. Not necessarily the same colour, but avoid clashing patterns or colours. Choose clothes from a single colour range.  You don’t want everyone dressed in light blue and one in bright red (unless that person is the focus of your photo eg a newborn). Avoid bright reds and orange (they’ll battle with your face for attention).

For pants and skirts, darker works best because lighter bottoms distract from your faces. Longer pants/skirts and shirts/tops work better than short ones for the same reason. Try to avoid shirts with distracting logos or brand names.

Solid colours, plain or subtle patterns work better than decorative prints and patterns, and go out of style less quickly.

Bring along:
– A brush or comb.
– Enjoy the opportunity to dress your children to look as cute and as beautiful as possible, or choose something relaxed and casual.  Or, bring a wardrobe change and do both!
– Hats, necklaces, ponchos and accessories can look fantastic in photos, so please feel free to bring these along with you.
– Consider your hairstyling and cosmetics needs. Women can enhance their portrait with the proper application of makeup, but don’t use too much and only where it is deemed necessary.
– One or two of your children’s favourite toys or significant possessions that might help tell a personal or family story.
– Please also bring a snack and a drink for your children.

I hope that you are here because you are planning to capture life’s precious moments.  If my award winning style is for you, please contact me to meet and see what we can create together.

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