Gorgeous newborn photography in the Macedon Ranges!

I adore photographing newborn babies. Time passes so quickly and capturing these early stages is just so very precious. I love capturing those first moments when your baby still curls up and sleeps so soundly. When babies’ noses and toes are still so squishy and their bottoms are still crinkly!

It’s such a gorgeous time in their lives. From five to twelve days new is perfect. If you’ve missed this window, don’t panic, just give us a call and we will make a time to capture some enchanting images of your little one. If your ‘bun is still in the oven’, contact us to book a newborn session for the date you’re due. Every effort is made to ensure we can complete your session in those first precious days, but due to the unexpected nature of delivery and baby arrivals, this cannot be guaranteed.

It takes between two and four hours for a newborn photography session. This includes time for a feed, to settle your baby and to develop a connection to create a relaxed intimacy and capture those delicious moments (please plan accordingly and bring supplies and provisions for this extended visit).

Each snap of the shutter captures your life’s most precious moments in my signature style which is clean, honest, beautiful and heartfelt, leading to images for your walls and albums to be treasured and enjoyed.

I hope that you are here because you are planning to capture life’s gorgeous moments.  If my style is for you, please contact me to meet and see what we can create together.

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 Faithful photography of your family life.

We all carry high quality cameras around in our pockets and handbags, available to capture every moment. But, if you’d like a delicious image of your precious little bundle to adorn your walls, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve studied photography at university, spent time and learned from some of the worlds best photographers, and become an industry leader. I teach others how to position babies for their safety, and to capture enchanting images. I have the equipment and expertise to create divine lighting environments for natural, clean, and delicious photographs of newborns.

This delightful video by Paperbox media shows you the behind the scenes of a newborn shoot.

If you’d like gorgeous images of your newborn that make you smile and warm your heart every time you look to your walls, please don’t miss out, give us a call or contact us!




I believe these moments are so precious that I volunteer with the charity Heartfelt to help grieving parents to capture the heartbreaking loss of their newborns. Although I find the work heart wrenching, it is so valuable to help these families to have forever memories of their little angel.

Learning you’re pregnant is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of your life. You’re newly married and picking out nursery furniture, and for us it was all a little bit different from that. We didn’t quite have the fairytale pregnancy we were expecting.  Starting at about 23 weeks in, they said “I’m sorry, this isn’t looking good, you’re going to need to go and see your obstetrician, the child’s head is not growing as quickly as we would expect”, From there began the journey we are still very much travelling on. We were given a very dire picture: “if the child survives pregnancy, they may not live very long, and they’ll have a severe disability”. When we were asked if we wanted to know what sex the baby is… and were told “You’re going to be having a boy” it was at that moment he stopped being a fetus with an abnormality, and starting being a boy, our Harry.  My family was gathered at the birth waiting for Harry to arrive and out came this tiny bundle, and he cried.

From the moment Harry arrived, I’ve felt a burning desire to record his precious life, whilst it lasts.  It has to be through trust and connection that I capture the faithful photography of your life.

If you are thinking of donating to a very special charity, please consider Heartfelt photography australia, the work we do is really irreplaceable.

I hope that you are here because you are planning to capture life’s precious moments.  If my award winning style is for you, please contact me to meet and see what we can create together.

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